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Title : About ISFactory
With the rapid development of new information frontier on the Internet, ISFactory (Information Services Factory) seeks to leverage this development to provide companies the expertise to gain value from the utilization of this new channel of information delivery and sharing. It is our vision to enable the public and business clients to participate in this worldwide phenomenon.

Information Services Factory (ISFactory from here on) is a partnership startup in 1997 created by a group of IT professionals and business entrepreneurs who seek to provide professional services to the public and commercial clients. In 1999, a new company has acquired the Hong Kong's First Interactive Car Portal ( from ISFactory and Internet Business Corporation Ltd. was formed. ISFactory starts offering technology consultation service, web site engineering and system integration to her sister company Internet Business Corporation Limited.

We realize the importance of using the right tool, at the right time for the right task, in every aspect of business from all natures. One of the most significant elements is Information. With our expertise in information technology, we deliver customized, Insight and Cost-Effective Solutions to fulfil your strategies and requirement.

What we anticipate and devote to, is True Return On Information for your businesses, as well as dependable, close, long-term partnership to aid you plan for tomorrow's business technology environment to achieve your vision.

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